How To Set Up A Home Office You Can Actually Work In

By Elaine Tveit


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Nowadays, thanks to the pandemic and the rise of virtual meeting technology, more people than ever are working from home. If you’re one of those people but you’re struggling to stay focused and complete your tasks on time, you might be suffering from the lack of a functional home office. 

In this article, we’ll tell you how to set up a home office you can actually work in. All the products we mention come from Office Designs, and our store, two one-stop online shops for all your home office needs including furniture, lighting, storage, and decor.

First, Find A Room To Set Up Your Home Office In

Weirdly, this part – finding a room to set up your home office in – can actually be the trickiest part of the whole process. It can be especially challenging if you live in a small apartment or share a place with roommates or family members. 

If you can, choose a separate room in the house for your home office. Ideally, it will have at least one window to let some sunlight in. Sunlight helps keep depression at bay, as well as gives you natural illumination so you’re not constantly relying on your computer screen or electric light bulbs. It’s also best if the room is not dark or dingy; a fresh coat of white or another light colored paint will do wonders for your mood and productivity level. After all, you want to work, not hunker down in a dark cave!

If you don’t have a separate room available, that’s totally understandable. Not everyone has that kind of space. In this case, try to find a spot that’s in one of the quieter parts of the house. This may be your bedroom or a dining area you don’t use. Get creative, but wherever you park your laptop, make sure you’re not in a high traffic area and that there’s not a lot of noise in your immediate vicinity. The fewer distractions you have, the more productive you’ll be. 

After you find a space, big or small, for your home office, it’s time to move on to the next step: finding the furniture, lighting, and other items to put in it. 

What You Need To Set Up A Home Office

To set up your home office, you’ll need some or all of the following essential items.

  1. Desk

A desk is probably the most important piece of furniture you can include in your home office. It’s where you’re going to get most of your work done and put all your tech, your notes, and your office supplies. Office Design has several differently shaped and sized desks, so that you can choose the one that fits your space the best. From large, wide desks, to ones with drawers, to ones that fold up for easy storage, Office Designs has an option to suit your unique needs.

2. Chair

A desk is only as good as the chair you sit in to work at it. A good desk chair will help you keep a good posture and stay comfortable for as long as you need to sit in it. At Office Designs, you’ll find ergonomic rolling chairs, chairs with padding on the seat, back, and armrests, and small chairs that will tuck seamlessly into a small area. 

3. Seating

If you have the space for it, you should consider getting extra seating for your home office. Seating is absolutely necessary if you’re going to meet clients in your home, but it’s useful for another reason, too: it gives you another place to sit when you’re tired of being tied to your desk. You can buy a little sofa like this one and retreat to it when you’re tired of sitting up straight or you want to catch a little cat nap. Extra seating is not as essential as a desk or a desk chair, but it’s certainly useful and you won’t regret getting it if you can afford it. 

4. Lighting

We’ve already talked a little bit about sunlight and why it’s important. But the truth is, good lighting in general is extremely important and essential in a home office. Whether you’re staring at a computer all day, drawing or writing on paper, or working on a craft project, you need to be able to see what you’re doing. Equip your home office with all kinds of lighting: overhead like this Swell Wide light, floor lamps like the Superlight, and desk lamps such as the Contour. Every point of focus needs proper illumination, so don’t be afraid to go wild in this area of your home office. 

5. Storage

Every home office needs places to put things in. Storage can involve anything from bookshelves like the Eileen, to cabinets like the Sequel, to small boxes like the Formwork for organizing desk supplies. This is another area where you shouldn’t be afraid to go all out. A tidy space helps you foster a tidy atmosphere and a neat, focused mind. 

6. Decor

You need to feel like yourself in your home office. Your creativity will shine through in your work more when you’re feeling inspired by little items that you find aesthetically pleasing or comforting. You might enjoy looking at flowers in a pretty vase like this one, or watching the time pass on a unique looking clock. Set your imagination free and create a home office that you will truly feel at home in.

Put It All Together

Now you’re ready to put your home office together! Arranging everything – your furniture, storage, lighting, and decor – is not rocket science, so don’t let the prospect intimidate you. Just be sure you position your furniture, storage, and desk lighting close together so it’s all easily within your reach. A triangle is usually the most efficient formation for furniture as it allows you to go from point to point with the fewest amount of steps or rolls in your chair.

Remember to keep it fun and functional, and enjoy working from home in your own personalized office! 

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