Wedding Registry Tips

Congratulations on you engagement!

We have collected some thoughts and important tips to help you and your partner prepare  your gift registry to get exactly what you want and need. It is the most fun aspect of getting married, creating your home and welcoming your well-wishing friends and family to participate in your exciting and anticipated new beginnings. 

  • First word of advice, create your registry as soon as possible after the engagement. Give yourself anywhere from 6 to 9 months before your big day. This makes it easier on your guests to shop for pre-wedding event gifts. You create your list once for everything and if you forget something, you can add it later. Also, this helps us make sure all inventory is available, as the suppliers tend to update their fabrication and choices on an annual basis.
  • Sit with your partner to share your visions of a life together. Even if you don't feel ready to consider some scenarios and you prefer to go camping, remember that your experiences and tastes will change. Collaborate and have fun imagining entertaining and enjoying daily meals. Consider the need for casual and formal versions of dinnerware, glassware, linens, and serving items. You will share future holidays and family get-togethers, you will have casual gatherings with friends and fancy cocktail parties, as well as quite hangouts with just the two of you. Imagine and wish on!
  • Don't limit yourself. Register for 6 to 12 place settings. Regular dinner parties are anywhere from 6 to 8 people, but if you have a large family or plan on entertaining for the holidays or for professional parties, you generally want to be ready for 12 or more. Think about some serving pieces, and different styles for different occasions. Add some decor accents as well, and some art. You can also include any of the furniture and lighting pieces we offer outside of our curated Wedding Registry suggestions. Any objects from our online store can be selected for your registry by clicking the 'Add to Registry' button.
  • Register items at different price ranges so people can choose gifts within their means.
  • Mistakes do happen, nothing is perfect. Make sure to record the gifts you have received and from whom. And don't forget to thank your guests. Handwritten thank you notes are a great way to show your appreciation, and a much better choice than emails.

Enjoy your new life together!

Note: After the wedding, Molecule extends a Registry Completion Discount that you can use to shop for the remaining gifts your guests didn't get you. We will send you a code by email. You have 90 days to apply it in multiples purchases. 

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