Milos - Upholstered Lounge Chair - Molecule Design-Online
Milos - Upholstered Lounge Chair - Molecule Design-Online
Milos - Upholstered Lounge Chair - Molecule Design-Online

Milos - Upholstered Lounge Chair


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The Milos collection is the fruit of Vondom's first collaboration with French designer Jean-Marie Massaud. An example of how simplicity and functionality can be combined to create an elegant and comfortable outdoor furniture collection. Characterized by soft curves, this collection focuses on comfort.

Milos different pieces are like a collection of rocks gently shaped by winds and waves that create a typical Mediterranean landscape. 

The inspiration behind Milos is nature, and Massaud has managed to reflect this through his choice of materials and varied textures. Wood and polyurethane make up the modular sofa and the two armchairs in different designs that invite you to sit back and relax. Light cement combines with wood to form the low tables, which together with the rotomolded planters, with a stucco finish, give a rustic aesthetic to the ensemble.

Milos is a very versatile collection of flavors. The sweet shapes of the Milos articles put you in a good mood and invite you to enjoy the moment, daytime in the sun, evening gazing at the stars or partying with friends. The different pieces can fit in contrast in a very modern ambience as well as in perfect harmony with an outdoor landscape, in a residential setting or on a large hotel terrace.

Designed by Jean Marie Massaud

Milos Collection: Milos Sectional Sofa, Milos Wood Lounge Chair, Milos Upholstered Lounge Chair, Milos Sun Lounger, and Milos Coffee Tables.


Made of flexible polyurethane foam injected cold. This material possesses a high resilience and durability.

Iroko wood legs.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Available in different finishes.

Upholstery fabric Group 2 (included). *Call us for details.

Dimensions: 36 ½"w x 40 ¼"d x 25 ¼"h

Upholstery Fabric Group 2:

KROLLET 2A: Soft and cozy fabric suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

 White 1921 Crema 1922 Verde 1923 Purjai 1924 Blue Notte 1925 Black 1926

HYGGUE 2B: Soft and cozy fabric suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

 Crema 1080 Gray 1081 Black 1082 Blue 1083

VARM 2B: Soft and cozy fabric suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

 Crema+Green 1060 Crema+Purjai  1061 Crema+Gray 1062 Crema+Blue 1063 Green+Crema 1064 Purjai+Crema 1065
Black+Crema 1066 Blue+Crema 1067 Crema 1068 Purjai Red 1069 Tortora+Crema 1070 Blue Jeans 1071

GLAD 2C: Soft and cozy fabric suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Ultramar 1002
Aquamarina 1003
Caribe 1004
Oceano 1005
Perla 1006
Oasis 1007
Granito 1008
Duna 1009
Moka 1010 Amatista 1011 Wine 1012 Afrodita 1013
Hestia 1014 Niord 1015 Esmeralda 1016 Calipso 1017 Masai 1018 Vera 1019
Sunset 1020 Berry 1021 Eclipse 1023 Night 1024 Galan 1025 Noa 1026
Artemisa 1027 Aguacate 1028 Bosc 1029 Lima 1030 Oro 1031 Desert 1033
Baco 1034 Dahlia 1035 Iceberg 1037 Delhi 1038 Terra 1039 Moon 1040
Snow 1041 Steel 1042 Grey 1043 Anthracite 1044 Pruna 1045 Grana 1046
Ecru 1047 Taupe 1048 Chocolate 1050 Ocre 1051 Foc 1052 Turquoise 1053


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