Crafted in 100% bamboo, the planet’s most eco-friendly, rapidly renewable resource; Greenington combines craftsmanship, comfort and competitive pricing.  20 plus years of skilled professional manufacturing talent, Greenington’s fine bamboo furniture has quickly risen to the top of the industry, known for its enduring beauty, style and quality.

Why bamboo? Bamboo grows to full maturity in less than five years. It is one of the best plants on Earth to sequester carbon. It releases approximately 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.

SELECTIVE HARVESTING - NO WASTE - Each bamboo culm used in the production of Greenington products is individually selected by the local farmer and harvested by hand. This preserves the ecosystem of the native bamboo forest, and leaves the bamboo root system intact, from which new bamboo shoots will emerge and grow the following year. Greenington does not use clear cutting, a timber harvesting method that involves the removal of standing trees in a given area, commonly used in the wood lumber industry. As such, Greenington utilizes the entire bamboo culm in the manufacturing process, wasting nothing. 100% of the bamboo material is used, including the sawdust, which is put to use generating steam for the dry kiln room and press machine.

STRENGTH - DURABILITY - Classic bamboo is 20% harder than red oak, while the Greenington-used mature exotic Moso bamboo is 100% harder than  red oak, and ensures maximum strength and durability.


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